Comcast Spotlight

Building a better user interface

Comcast Spotlight, the ad sales division of Comcast Cable, needed new online tools that would help its staff target a wider audience while serving existing clients more efficiently.

Koncordia Group delivered the following solutions:


TSG Xchange

So we built a custom intranet, called TSG Xchange, that enabled the company’s sales and analytics teams to open and track support requests within a single, intuitive portal.

We integrated the site with Comcast Spotlight’s existing ticket-tracking software (JIRA) and included an admin interface that allowed for fast system updates.



Our solution was an intranet system called ATLAS. Along with serving as a clearinghouse for advertising opportunities, ATLAS allowed the Comcast Spotlight analytics team to upload region-based customer behavior data with ease, which the company’s sales staff could then use to create more effective marketing plans for their clients.