Delaware County Community College


In the face of a declining college-aged population, slow but steady improvements in the economy and a lack of communications integration, the College was experiencing a decline in enrollment. To combat the decline, the agency was charged with creating an integrated brand campaign to boost awareness and interest.


The new campaign—centered on the word THINK—was based on historic enrollment data and third-party demographic and social trend research. In language and look, the campaign was designed to help elevate the perception of community college closer to that of a four-year institution.


The campaign consisted of two major parts: a core effort to increase awareness, and targeted extensions to drive web traffic among the target. During the first campaign flight—an 8-week registration period—the THINK landing page became the third highest ranked page on the college website, behind the home page and financial assistance page.


The second flight has exceeded the first by nearly 30%, demonstrating the renewed traction the brand has in the marketplace.

The campaign has received Telly, Davey and Communicator awards—among others.