DuPont Diagnostics

DuPont BAX® System X5

DuPont Diagnostics asked for our help introducing its new BAX® System X5 diagnostics tool to the food processing industry.


With a new, compact footprint, the BAX® System X5 offered the same reliable performance when detecting foodborne pathogens as its much larger counterpart, the BAX® Q7.

The advertising campaign positioned the BAX® System X5 in relation to the BAX® System Q7. We clearly defined the role and advantages of each model for customers and prospects—and minimized the likelihood of “cannibalization” of the existing products.


The campaign was launched in trade print, with targeted online advertising and a sales support program. With our creative support, the BAX® System X5 also made a big splash at industry trade shows. The campaign won a 2015 Davey Award.